The English-speaking ministry of Good Community Church of Torrance (GCC EM) began September 2010. We called ourselves Remnant, knowing that we are a remnant of God’s people who are chosen by grace (Romans 11:5). Made up of young adults and college students, Remnant is a community that seeks to honor God as we grow together into spiritual maturity.

In November 2013, GCC launched a second English-speaking ministry – UnderGrace – to meet the growing needs of singles, couples, and families. Knowing that God graciously gives us all things (Romans 8:32), UnderGrace seeks to find a balance in our lives that glorifies Him.

Remnant and UnderGrace are independent ministries, but more than that, we are a mutually supporting family in Christ. We are unique. Come and see.


New to GCC?

Worship Times

UnderGrace Service 10AM
Remnant Service 2PM
Children’s Program 10:00AM & 11:30AM
Youth Services 10:00AM & 11:30AM
Wednesday Night Bible Study Dinner 7:15pm, Worship/Bible Study 7:45pm


Address: 19950 Mariner Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503, First Floor


Spaces in front of the main entrance of GCC are reserved for first-time visitors. If those are not available, please feel free to park in any open spot around the building. Otherwise, on Sundays you may park in the Pathology, Inc. parking lot across Mariner Avenue. Just follow the directions of the parking volunteers.

Worship Style

We strive to have a worship style that is reverential and joyful. We sing contemporary praise and worship songs coming out of Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Passion, and so on.

What Should I Wear?

Dress in a way that you are comfortable with. The UnderGrace congregation dresses up a little bit more than the Remnant congregation. The pastor, elders, and deacons wear suits. Other than that, dress is pretty varied – from chic to casual Friday business attire.

If You Have Children

We have children’s and youth programs available during the UnderGrace service on Sundays at 10am and during Wednesday evening Bible Study. Children’s programs consists of Toddler (0 to 36 months), PreSchool (33 month – Pre K), Upstreet (K-5) and Youth (6 – 12th grade) Ministries. In addition, a cry room adjacent to the sanctuary is available for parents who wish to worship while caring for their infants.

All childrens’ Sunday services are in the GCC Education Vision Center, EVC (19801 Mariner Ave, across the street from the main GCC building). Parents with children are requested to drop off and pick up their children at the EVC building, and are invited to use the EVC parking lot for convenience.

For the Hearing Impaired

Live American Sign Language translation is provided for the hearing impaired during the UnderGrace service (Sun 10am).

Hope Ministry (Special Needs)

Hope Ministry (Sun 10am) is for children, adults, and families with special educational needs. Hope Ministry is lead by Pastor Ahn along with volunteers and care staff with hearts for sharing God’s love with everyone. Service is in Korean language.

Small Groups

Our small groups are currently divided into the following regions:

If you are interested in joining a small group please contact Deacon Brian Min ( for more information.


The vision of GCC EM is to become a family that seeks to glorify God and enjoy His abundant favor in our lives. What does this involve? We want to focus on three GCCs: To become:


The apostle Paul wrote that the gospel is “the power of God that brings salvation for everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). No gospel, no power of God, no salvation. The gospel is the heartbeat of our lives, and so the gospel is also the heartbeat of our church.


Loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:29-31) reflects the character that God desires for our lives, because God is love (1 John 4:16). Which is harder – loving God, whom we cannot see, or loving people, who are as imperfect as we are? With the power of God’s grace, we learn to love one another and in that way express our love to God and reflect His love for us.


Jesus calls all of His followers to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). This begins where we live, and then it extends out to those places where we have partners in the spreading of the gospel.

Our mission, which is born of this vision, is to become like Jesus and build up His church and to teach others to do the same.


Statement of Faith

Good Community Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We uphold the Baptist Faith and Message, and our Statement of Faith highlights key doctrine from there.

God – There is only one true God, existing in three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the all righteous, all powerful, all knowing, eternal, and sovereign creator and caretaker of the universe. God alone is worthy of worship.

God the Father – The Father rules over creation with righteousness and love.

God the Son – The Son of God took human form in Jesus to reveal God’s presence in this world. He was crucified to pay the penalty for people’s sins, resurrected on the third day, and glorified to be the Lord over the universe.

God the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit makes known the inner things of God, works in and works out salvation in a believer, and imparts spiritual gifts, especially for the building up of churches.

The Bible – Holy Scripture was written by men and inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the inerrant revelation of God.

Humanity – God created humanity in His image. The first humans disobeyed God, so sin entered the world. Consequently, humanity is by nature is separated from God.

Salvation – Reconciliation to God is only possible through faith in God’s provision of salvation in Jesus Christ and confession of His Lordship.

The Church – The church is made up of people who are reconciled to God. When Christ returns, He will gather the church to Himself to receive the promised provision of eternal life.



FBoo05 copy

Pastor Sang Boo joined the GCC family in June 2014. After being born again in the fall of 1998, Sang was eventually led to vocational ministry in 2006.  He enrolled into Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity (MDIV). He is currently pursuing a PhD in New Testament from there, as well.  Pastor Sang has a deep, abiding passion to know, love, and serve Jesus and to build up His church with the power of the good news of salvation to reconcile people to God.  He married his beautiful wife, CJ, in 1995, and they now have three wonderful kids.


080716_Pastor Hyung Lee-1

Pastor Hyung Lee is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (BA in Government) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity and Master of Theology) and previously served at churches in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Washington, D.C., areas. He is a fan of Texas Longhorns football (“Hook ’em!”), considers Band of Brothers the best movie ever (even though it is an HBO miniseries), likes the TV show Sherlock, and enjoys Dr. Pepper as his favorite soft drink (Cherry Coke is #2 in his mind). As a proud Texan, Hyung appreciates good barbecue and celebrates eating Blue Bell ice cream (whenever he is back in the lovely south).

Robert Kim

Elder Robert is currently the director of our English Ministry. His wife Sheena is a devoted servant at GCC and has a humble heart to serve those around her. Robert and Sheena have two beautiful children, Matthew and Michelle who all love to serve the Lord.

Elder Robert Kim


Chris is an ordained deacon who has been a part of GCC since 2010. Chris and his wife Tina are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Eileen and Erica. We are excited to have Chris and Tina in our leadership team as we know God has blessed them with humble hearts to serve others.

Deacon Chris Choe


LaMont is an ordained deacon who has been at GCC since 2010 and have served wholeheartedly in the English Ministry. LaMont and his wife Jennifer have three beautiful children: Lauren, Keenan and Austin who are all followers of Christ.

Deacon LaMont Henry

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